Richard and Lillian Sneed

Always loved.
Never forgotten...
Forever missed..

We will be thinking about you always,

You will never be forgotten.

We will hold you close in our hearts forever.

We love you both and will cherish your memories for years to come!
Until we meet again!
Thank you to the Customers of
Norwalk Records, employees, and Community of Norwalk

for all your
love and support over the years.

Norwalk Records Closed as of June 5th 2022

In Loving Memory

Norwalk Records started out as Auction City Records, In the City of Norwalk, CA in 1958. A second location was opened on Front Street in 1965 and it was named Norwalk Record Sales. In 1966 Auction City Records was closed and Norwalk Record Sales was the only location.

      During the years between 1966 and 1996 we opened other locations around LA County but ended up closing them down. We also sold at swap meets, car shows and flea markets such as Chino and Colton, ca. In 1987 we dropped the word Sales off of our name and became Norwalk Records with only one location at 12142 Firestone Blvd, in Norwalk.

     The Firestone location is the same building as the Front Street location, we just put the front entrance on the Firestone side of the building. In 1987 our building was damaged by the Whittier Narrows Earthquake and we relocated one block west to 12023 Firestone Blvd. We stayed at that location for eighteen years and then moved back to our original location in 2005.

     Norwalk Records started out with an inventory of 45 rpm singles and 33-1/3 rpm long play albums. By 1966-67 the four track tape came along shortly followed by the eight track tape. Then in the early to mid seventies the cassette tape arrived and everyone thought this was the ultimate media. Cassettes killed the four track and eight track tapes and it ruled for several years until around 1985-86 when the CD came on like gangbusters, blowing everything out of the water. The CD took over like it owned the world and it ruled for several years but now it shares the spotlight with MP3, IPOD, and so on.

     Norwalk Records has been through everything the record industry has had to offer over the past fifty years, up to and including this website. We have thousands of loyal customers that we are grateful to for sticking with us for so long and we are establishing ourselves as the place to get your music for, hopefully, thousands of new customers. For example; those of you who have been with us since the beginning could have purchased “Please, Please, Please” by James Brown (R.I.P.) on a 7” 45rpm single and today one of your children or maybe grandchildren will purchase “Please, Please, Please”, on a CD, from Norwalk Records. How cool is that?

     We consider ourselves fortunate to have been in this business for the past 50+ years and we owe most of our success to our Loyal Customers and dedicated Staff. Thank you for shopping at Norwalk Records.